Pianist David Vincent Mills will be unveiling his uniquely improvised music in his first solo concert "Conversations in Music" on May 15th at 7:30PM at the Sedona Creative Life Center. Mills describes his songs as being based on "musical haiku" which are short phrases that trigger his improvisational skills. This concert is to feature music that extends beyond his extensive knowledge of Jazz. Mills taps into alternative musical styles from the world along with his traditional classical pianist background to intertwine them into pieces that are inspired from being in the moment and connecting with the audience.  

Mills came to Sedona in 2006 from California to focus on creating his own sound. He has discovered what he calls "something of a musical prayer", and wants to share it for the first time with others.

About the Process 

Music is an art form that not only uses sound as its medium, but fundamentally, music manipulates time. Where as a painting is a snap shot of a moment of time, music changes form through time. Thus, it is an aspiration of mine as a musician to transcend time, to capture the moment and embrace the still point through the movement of sound.

My method for this process is improvisation. As a soloist, an improviser doesn't have other musicians to play off of, but is solely stimulated by the environment of the performance - the space or setting, the instrument itself, the audience, and most importantly, the communing with oneself.

To be in the moment, the improviser has to achieve a state of super consciousness - to be aware of all the influences both physical (the room, setting, instrument) and the nonphysical (thoughts, ideas and emotions) and incorporate them into a coherent musical story.

For me musically, the blending of these influences result in what I call musical haiku, which are short melodic, harmonic and/or rhythmic phrases that I create and use as a vehicle for deeper exploration of the moment through further improvisation. During this experimentation of a musical haiku, a dialog with my surroundings and with myself develops. By linking several of these conversations together a story emerges that musically reflects the mood of the environment.

It is my greatest hope and joy to strive for the inspiration within a time and place and to weave it into what I call a musical prayer.

Testimonials from the 2008 Concert

"He can take you to transcendental realms, evoking a timelessness, where the mundane is not a problem. Spiritually uplifting without being facile, his understanding of both the technical and the sublime transports the listener with a sophisticated rendering of refined sensibilities." - Christopher Pool, M.Ed. (Artist)

"David Mills is a musician you'll want to spend and evening with. His music is light, stimulating, unique and seems to float on the wind. You will smile and want to take him home with you." - Rose Moon (Artist/Poet)

"When I hear David's music, I immediately want to close my eyes  to embrace every moment of the feelings that are conjured from deep inside of me! David plays to my heart and soul. Thus, I consider his music purely magical!" - Rhea Maceris, C.Ht. (Hypnotherapist, Artitst, and Teacher)

"David Vincent Mills' performance was a beautiful heartfelt improvisation of depth and sensitivity." - Terri Marie (Award-Winning Producer and Author)

CD's are available, please contact Mills here.

2009, May 15 - Conversations in Music and Dance

2010, June 18 - Conversations in Music: Evolution

2011, June 30 - Conversations in Music: Dimensions

2012, (TBA) - Conversations in Music: Roots

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